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Residents Fill Council Chambers on Mif Albright Land Swap

Residents filled Alameda City Council Chambers tonight for an agenda item discussing the proposed Mif Albright golf course land swap.

The audience broke out into applause when City of Alameda Planning Manager Andrew Thomas acknowledged, “the community opposition is overwhelming.” Thomas went on to say that options to raise an estimated $8 million to $9 million for needed golf course improvements are limited.

Going into tonight’s meeting, Alameda City Hall had received numerous – more than 200 according to the staff report tonight – letters of opposition to the project. Action Alameda News reached out to some of the letter writers, and this is what they told us.

Siu Chui – “On top of the traffic congestion created by the planned 130 households, we will also face another two problems: The other traffic congestion created by hundreds of people coming to and from the planned soccer and baseball fields to play or watch, and the noise from the players and the audience. The proposed “Land Swap” will destroy our quiet neighborhood and take away our open space.”

Jasmine Bryan – “Below is the email I sent to the council members…

Dear Council Members,

I have been a resident of Harbor Bay for over seventeen years. I have seen the morning traffic on Robert Davy Junior to Island Drive increase each year. From 7:20 – 8:00, the traffic on Island Drive can be a parking lot. Instead of just taking eight minutes to get from my home on Sandpiper to the 880 Freeway at High Street, it can take up to twenty minutes. The last thing we need are more cars on Island Drive and Robert Davy Junior. I would assume that the residents of the 130 units would have children that would attend Alameda schools. This would only further exacerbate the problem.

When we bought our home, we knew about the continued development that would occur in Harbor Bay. We did not count on 130 additional units. I am convinced that the units would hurt our real estate values. There is already a home on our block that has been for sale for months. I can’t see how having an additional 130 units for sale will help real estate values in my community for existing homes.

I urge you not to approve this land swap.

Some of the authors of letters included in tonight’s Planning Board packet suggested that developer Ron Cowan build the 130 homes proposed for the golf course at Alameda Point.

Recently, people close to the developer have assured Action Alameda News that Mr. Cowan is fully supportive of bringing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s second campus to Alameda Point.

1 comment to Residents Fill Council Chambers on Mif Albright Land Swap

  • Barb

    No legal obligation to allow Cowan to build 130 homes anywhere in Alameda. That is just developer BS and triple speak designed to fool our new City Manager Russo. He will then be forced to accede to our illustrious on the take Council. They should each be getting millions for this sellout. But they are so dumb they are selling out our city for a potted plant from Cowan at XMAS and a few lunches!! As long as he fills their campaign coffins, oops I meant coffers. Just wishful thinking.