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City Makes Friends with Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter

Yesterday, the City of Alameda and Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) and the Human Society of Alameda (HAS) announced that they have come to an agreement that will keep animal shelter services in Alameda. Shelter supporters had until November 1st to come up with a plan to keep the shelter from being outsourced to a neighboring city.

The highlights of the agreement are as follows:

1. The City will pay FAAS $300,000 per year for shelter operations (plus a CPI escalator after the first year) every year for 15 years. At the end of 15 years, the lease can be extended for two periods of five years each subject to mutual approval.
2. The City will continue to employ two part-time Animal Control Officers at a cost of approximately $80,000 per year.
3. FAAS will pay $1 in rent annually.
4. The City will maintain responsibility for the shelter’s roof, foundation, HVAC, and electrical systems.
5. FAAS will be responsible for general maintenance and janitorial services.
6. FAAS will take over the operations on January 1, and December will be a transition month.
7. FAAS will provide all of the general shelter services:

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