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Park Street Tree Cutting Moves North

A controversial program that has seen the City of Alameda cut down trees in the boulevard along Park Street moved north yesterday. Action Alameda News captured these pictures of stumps from Park Street between Lincoln and Webb.

At least three trees were cut down yesterday in this short section of Park Street.

We’ve also included “before” shots of the trees from Google Street View; when the pictures on Google Street View were taken is unclear.

Park Street Tree Cutting

Former Tree on West Side of Park Street at Lincoln (Google Street View)

Alameda Park Street Stump

Park Street Stump, West Side

Park Street Tree Cutting

Former Trees on East Side of Park Street (Google Street View)

Alameda Park Street Tree Stumps

Park Street Tree Stump, East Side

Alameda Park Street Tree Cutting

Park Street Tree Stump, East Side

5 comments to Park Street Tree Cutting Moves North

  • Maggie

    Talk about in your face. The city obviously doesn’t care about the public backlash.

  • Karen

    They don’t care about anything except their own egos. And, being narcissists, the only opinion that matters is their own.

  • Michael

    Let’s change the name to Stump Street.

  • dlm

    Right up there in the annals of poor timing:

    3.B. Proclamation Declaring November 5, 2011 as Customer Appreciation Day in the Park Street Business District.

    “Whereas, the Park Street Business Association Board of Directors wants to extend a heartfelt thank you to all customers and the community for their past patronage and for their continued trust and confidence in the coming years.”

  • cg

    Good catch, dlm! Right up there with this June 7, 2011 ActionAlamedaNews headline: “City of Alameda Cancels Workshop on Managing the Unexpected”, which was scheduled to take place right after the unexpected death of Raymond Zack.