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Alameda Police Department Provided Seven Officers to Occupy Oakland Camp Clearout

City of Alameda officials confirmed today that the Alameda Police Department, through a mutual aid request from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, provided a team of seven people earlier this week to support Oakland PD’s clearance of the Occupy Oakland encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.

Alameda Deputy City Manager Alex Nguyen told Action Alameda News that Alameda officers – a lieutenant, a sergeant, and five officers – carried no specific riot-control non-lethal weapons such as bean-bag shot, tasers, tear gas or flash-bang grenades – “APD officers only had standard equipment, which included long batons, OC (pepper spray), and their regular duty weapon. The only additional gear was a riot helmet, and they had gas masks because you have to be prepared if someone else deploys it.”

Nguyen went on to say that the Alameda officers were present only in the morning starting at 2:00 a.m. and were relieved between 11:00 a.m. and noon, and they were not involved in any arrests or use of force. Further, Alameda PD received no request for additional assistance when officers returned in the evening, and had no personnel present then.

APD was assigned to assist in perimeter containment of the encampment and scene security after the encampment was dismantled.

Through mutual aid agreements, the Oakland Police Department called on 16 additional police agencies, including Alameda police, to clear out the encampment earlier this week.

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