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Update on PG&E SmartMeter Deployment in Alameda

SmartMeters are fully deployed by Pacific Gas & Electric on gas meters in Alameda, a PG&E spokesperson has confirmed.

Alameda Municipal Power delivers electricity in Alameda and has not deployed smart meters.

Action Alameda News was prompted to check with PG&E when a reader forwarded a press release earlier this week from Joshua Hart, the Director of Stop Smart Meters! of Scotts Valley. The meters have been controversial because some people claim to suffer negative health effects from the wireless radios in the devices.

According to the release, Santa Cruz resident Caitlin Phillips successfully pressed PG&E to replace her smart meter with a traditional analog meter after complaining of headaches, anxiety and other symptoms attributed to the meter. According to Stop Smart Meters!, this is the first instance of PG&E reverting a smart meter back to an analog meter after a customer complained.

The switch-out came after Ms. Phillips testified at a California Public Utilities Commission proceeding examining a smart meter opt-out proposal from PG&E.

The PG&E spokesperson, while assuring Action Alameda News that science shows that smart meters are safe, initially tried to dissuade us from writing a story at all, asserting that it wouldn’t be of interest to Alameda residents. Subsequently, he did not respond to an e-mail that he requested we send with specific questions pertaining to the Stop Smart Meters! press release.

5 comments to Update on PG&E SmartMeter Deployment in Alameda

  • Betty

    I am in Alameda. I do not have a Smart Meter. We told the guy not to enter our property

  • g

    Help! I live (rent) a unit in a converted Victorian, which means that I will have not 1 BUT 4 SMART METERS directly beneath my window. What are my rights? Please advise.

  • You should discuss with your landlord – as the property owner he/she should be dealing with PG&E. Also follow the proceedings in Sacramento re: the opt-out provisions. The link is in the article.

    Note that the smart meters are currently only on the gas meters, and that they are most likely already there – PG&E says that Alameda has been fully converted.

    Also, the wireless protocol used is not much different than the WiFi Hotspot you have in your apartment, in Starbucks, etc.

  • not mayberry

    G: Please do visit the links in my post above. They have info U can use! I live in a 1902 vintage Gold Coast home. My analog meter was behind a small padlocked door with a window in it so the meter could be read. Wellington (the installer) came to my door,saw in hand saying they’d cut into my house to get @ the meter if they had to. When I said:”You can’t. That’s destruction of private property” they said:”The meter is PG&E’s property”. I had already asked them to go away-no effect. Now I have a SmartMeter I don’t want!!