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Alameda Recognizes Jean Sweeney With Resolution on Belt Line Property

At Tuesday’s Alameda City Council meeting, resident Jean Sweeney was recognized with a resolution declaring November 1st, 2011, “Jean Sweeney Day,” and a proclamation declaring that any open space created from the Alameda Belt Line Property be named the “Jean Sweeney Open Space Preserve.”

Ms. Sweeney, a retired school teacher, researched the history of the 40 acre Belt Line Railway property and found documents that ultimately allowed the City of Alameda to repurchase it for under $1 million. She also campaigned to convert the property to parkland.

The property begins at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Constitution Way.

During the public comment period on the proclamation, former Alameda Vice-Mayor Lil Arnerich, stood at the podium with his wife, Norma, and said, “It’s a very special night in our hearts for Jean Sweeney. That lady is ferocious.” He then asked all of Jean Sweeney’s supporters in the audience stand up and applaud, which they did.

Jim Sweeney and Jean’s sister accepted the proclamation from Mayor Gilmore on behalf of Ms. Sweeney, who is currently hospitalized.

1 comment to Alameda Recognizes Jean Sweeney With Resolution on Belt Line Property

  • Melody Marr

    Jean Sweeney is one of the most considerate people I met during my years working in Alameda. She and Jim it’s wonderful she has been honored. Looking forward to visiting the “Jean Sweeney Open Space Preserve” whenever it happens.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Jean and her family.