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Mayor Asks for Staff to Seek Alternatives to Mif Albright Land Swap

Facing a growing chorus of residents talking about a recall election, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore has placed a referral item on the agenda for the November 15th city council meeting that would have staff seek alternatives to a proposed swap of land at the Chuck Corica Golf Complex for undevelopable land owned by Ron Cowan.

Long-rumored to have his sights set the golf course property, developer Ron Cowan earlier this year proposed to exchange roughly 12 acres of land along North Loop Road for 12 acres of land from the Chuck Corica Golf Complex where the Mif Albright course now lays. To date, Mr. Cowan has been unable to develop the land alongside North Loop Road; he says he would build 130 new homes on the former golf course property, and turn the North Loop property into sports fields.

The City has launched a website to overcome the objections of Bay Farm Island residents, and has planned two town hall meetings to discuss the swap, set for November 17th and November 28th. Cowan himself has reached out to residents directly to get them on board.

But opposition to the proposal from residents has been fierce. Residents say there is already too much automobile traffic on Island Drive, and that 130 homes and sporting events at the North Loop Road site will exacerbate parking and commuting problems.

Previously, Siu Chui of Alameda told Action Alameda News, “On top of the traffic congestion created by the planned 130 households, we will also face another two problems: The other traffic congestion created by hundreds of people coming to and from the planned soccer and baseball fields to play or watch, and the noise from the players and the audience. The proposed ‘Land Swap’ will destroy our quiet neighborhood and take away our open space.”

Mayor Gilmore’s referral item will come before Alameda City Council on November 15th.

14 comments to Mayor Asks for Staff to Seek Alternatives to Mif Albright Land Swap

  • Dr Poodlesmurf

    Still no reason to trust the mayor … the winner of a very dirty election … paid for with special interest money… an she [They] still have alot of favors to return.
    The mayor is not worthy of your trust.

  • Barb

    Ho0w about a golf course?

  • tom medaglia

    The residents of Bay Farm Island do not want more homes or traffic congestion under any circumstances. Golfers should not get in bed with the devil to make improvements to the golf courses.

  • Maggie

    I don’t believe the referral by the mayor was her idea.

    Because the swap proposal is already dead on arrival, city staff has no choice but to consider alternatives.

  • Andy Weber

    I’m on the no swap side and agree with Ash Jones that a recall should be considered if the council goes ahead with this deal.

  • ken

    I am sure we can find a former waste dump at the Point for Cowan to build house on.

  • David Hamilton

    There several reasons why the landswap should not happen and I agree with them all. One thing I can’t believe 1 Clubhouse Drive and look to the right and see 130 2 & 3 story homes standing on this beautiful plot of land.

  • 94502

    Let’s call this a Land Grab. That’s what it is.

    Gilmore wants to hear other options.

    Anything the city does to help Cowan will still be a Land Grab.

    Get him outta’ town.

  • Barbara

    Stay on message, focus on Alameda, and never give up.
    People are not stupid and they see that in fact it is a Land Grab, greed, and buying our government in our face…

  • 94502

    Let’s call this a Land Grab. That’s what it is.

    Gilmore wants to hear other options to keep the golf courses viable.

    So don’t concentrate on satisfying Cowan’s desires!

    Anything the city does to help Cowan will still be a Land Grab.

  • Barbara

    Yes in deed…

  • Dave Bratzler

    The golf course does not need the money from this land swap. All it needs is for the city to refrain from transferring golf complex profits to the general fund. A starting point would be for the City Council to vote to refrain from taking any golf complex profit for around 10 years: equal to the years they have used the profit for the general fund (about 10 years and 10 million dollars). Make up the shortfall by aggressive collective bargaining, with respect to the city’s labor expenses. Best regards, Dave Bratzler

  • Barbara

    Excellent! Thanks.