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Alameda Food Bank Hunting for Turkeys

The Alameda Food Bank is hoping to receive over 1,000 donated turkeys to support holiday meals for their clients through November and December.

Food Bank Executive Director Hank Leeper says that traffic at the food bank is up; he estimates that his year-over-year client increase through the holiday season will be in the 7% to 9% range.

For this holiday season, Mr. Leeper is hoping to collect 1,000 turkeys. Hams and beef roasts are welcome as well. “We are also soliciting items like boxed stuffing, canned gravy, cranberry sauce, corn bread muffin mix, cake mix, jello/pudding, etc.,” he told Action Alameda News.

In addition, “we still need to continue our other non-holiday programs so we are always glad to receive donations of canned fruit and vegetables, one can meals (i.e., chili, stew, ravioli), canned legumes (black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, etc.), tuna, tomato sauce, pasta and breakfast cereal.”

Be sure to call ahead though, he says, before heading over with a donated bird, because freezer and refrigerator space is tight; the food bank wants to be sure they have room to receive donations. Call 510-523-5850 to make sure they have space.

Additionally, on November 19th, the Boy Scouts of America will be blanketing the city with door hangers calling on Alameda residents to donate non-perishable foods to the food bank. Non-perishable food items left on front porches and stoops will be collected by the Boy Scouts that morning as well. Collected food is taken to one of four collection sites in Alameda where it is sorted, boxed and then delivered to the Alameda Food Bank for distribution to low-income residents.

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