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Sports Coalition Provides Update on Alternative Mif Albright Land Swap Proposal

Today, Pat Bail, founder of the Alameda Youth Sports Coalition, provided an update, with some detailed numbers, on the coalition’s proposal to insert itself into the proposed Mif Albright land swap, and take over development and maintenance of the proposed North Loop Road site, which would be used for sports fields.

Ms. Bail told Action Alameda News, “With the rumors surrounding our proposal to the city as an alternative to the land swap deal, this is how the numbers work out as being negotiated with the city and Harbor Bay Development. Unfortunately, there are those in the community who have jumped the gun in criticizing the proposal when they have not given us the opportunity to do due diligence to ensure that the proposal is valid and workable not only for the citizens of Alameda but certainly for the youth of Alameda. Our goal as a coalition is to support all youth sports programs. This is an opportunity to provide sports fields that are desperately needed, contrary to what also is being circulated as a rumor.”

Bail explained that the numbers in the proposal would break down as follows:

$7.2 Million from Harbor Bay Development – Funds Contributed

$3.5 million to the Chuck Corica Golf Course
$3.7 million to Alameda Youth Sports Coalition (to become a non-profit corporation)
$7.2 million

$3.5 million from Kemper Sports – Funds Contributed

$3.5 million to the Chuck Corica Golf Course
$3.5 million

Chuck Corica Golf Course – Funds Received
$3.5 million from Harbor Bay Development
$3.5 million from Kemper Sports
$7.0 million total

Alameda Youth Sports Coalition – Funds Received
$3.7 million from Harbor Bay Development
$650 thousand from Harbor Bay in pre-paid permit fees
$650 thousand direct contribution by Harbor Bay Development to sports coalition
$5.0 million total

Overall Deal

$8.0 million North Loop Road per appraisal
$2.5 million from Harbor Bay Development for infrastructure for 130 homes
$7.2 million from Harbor Bay Development for golf complex and sports coalition
$17.7 million total

$15.2 million – Highest appraisal for Mif Albright land on golf course
$2.5 million net

Bail says that, according to this breakdown, the City and people of Alameda come out ahead by $2.5 million.

“I understand people feel passionately around the issues surrounding the land swap, conversely, I feel passionately about giving our kids quality fields that the need and deserve,” she said. “That isn’t to say that there are not difficulties to overcome in the land swap deal but I believe those difficulties can be solved and negotiated if people don’t get so entrenched in their own arguments they could see the validity of our proposition. All we ask is for the rumors to be accurate and to give us an opportunity to present a cogent proposal on January 24th, 2012.”

Action Alameda News contacted leaders of the opposition to the land swap for comment, but did not have a quote for attribution by press time.

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