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Bay Area Residents Take Crabbing Into Their Own Hands

With commercial crab boats idle through Thanksgiving, Bay area residents are finding they have to fish for themselves if they want Dungeness Crab. The season opened November 5th.

According to the Golden Gate Fishing Report on, commercial crabbers are demanding $2.50 per pound for their catch but wholesale buyers are refusing to meet that price.

Would-be retail customers are turning to sites such as for updates and tips on where and how to get fresh crab. (According to posters there, wholesale buyers are offering crabbers no more than $2.25 per pound.)

On November 14th, ‘baron45’ wrote on ChowHound, “I went out on a charter boat for rockfish & crab on Saturday out of Emeryville. The crab are abundant and were averaging 25-30 crab per pot. Most were in the 2-pound class.”

It doesn’t seem like the stalemate will be resolved quickly. Last Saturday, ‘hawaii92’ wrote, “Was out at Pillar Point on Friday. Lots of boats loaded with crab pots going nowhere. What a bummer. Overheard a few of the fishermen saying that this may go on for another week or two. Before any of them consider the next step.” Also, over the weekend, Action Alameda News witnessed boats loaded with crab pots idle at Emeryville Marina.

Dungeness Crab Pot (File Photo)

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