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Park Street Tree Survey Receives Over 400 Responses

A survey launched by the City of Alameda earlier this month, in the wake of the wholesale cutting down of trees along Park Street, has garnered over 400 responses.

The City released the survey results earlier this week, with the stated intention that the responses would drive the criteria for replacement trees along Alameda’s main business strip.

43% of respondents, or 196 people, said they want foliage year-round. Yet, in contradiction to that result, 51% of respondents said they wanted shade in the summer and light in the winter. (The former would mean evergeen trees, and the latter would mean deciduous trees.) Complicating matters further, 63% of respondents indicated they want trees that are not green all year, and 48% said they don’t want a treescape along Park Street consisting of the same species of tree.

44% of those surveyed said they want a mix of tree heights, and 70% said they want a variety of trees to give the street a unique character.

The City of Alameda has previously stated that with the input from the survey, it would, in consultation with local arborists and landscape architects, figure out what trees would meet the desires of Alameda residents.

1 comment to Park Street Tree Survey Receives Over 400 Responses

  • c gottstein

    One of the big problems in doing surveys at all is an inordinate faith in the wisdom of SurveyMonkey. It does not offer:”none of the above”[NOTA] as one of the choices to any question; which serves as an internal measure of the value of the survey’s construction. If a question is answered NOTA by most respondents, then the other choices probably weren’t representative of the community’s viewpoint at all. The question should be re-examined as to its relevance, or better, space to submit an original comment should be offered. I tried to make this point to john Russo/Alex Nguyen by direct email, but was rebuffed.