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Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter Set to Get Lease

At tomorrow night’s Alameda City Council meeting, the Council is expected to approve a 15-year lease that will allow the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter take over operation of Alameda’s shelter.

The lease is to begin January 1, 2012, but the transition will begin this month, according to the city council packet.

The City of Alameda will contribute $300,000 in the first year toward’s the shelter’s operation, indexed each year by inflation. The City will also maintain the building’s roof, foundation electrical and HVAC systems. The city will also continue to employ two part-time employees at roughly $60,000 per year to respond to stray-animal calls, transport animals to the shelter, and enforce animal control laws in the field.

The Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter will provide all general shelter services and generally maintain the building on a day-to-day basis.

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