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Alameda Police Commandeer a Paddle Boat to Rescue Car Theft Suspect from Lagoon

Earlier today, Alameda police commandeered a paddleboat from a residence on the 600 block of Waterview Isle to rescue a 16 year-old car theft suspect who had jumped in the water to escape police.

According to Alameda police, the incident started in the early afternoon when officers responded to a report of an auto theft in progress on the 1300 block of Encinal Avenue. When they arrived, they found two suspects attempting to steal a parked car; both of them fled to separate cars and drove-off in opposite directions to evade police.

One suspect, who police say has been identified, got away. The other crashed his escape vehicle into a tree on the 800 block of Union Street; his getaway car turned out to be an unreported stolen vehicle from Oakland.

After crashing his car, the 16 year-old fled on foot and jumped into the lagoon at the end of Union Street, and, according to police, swam to the middle of the lagoon and began to drown, as officers ordered him to return to the shore.

At that point, two officers commandeered a paddleboat from a residence and paddled out to the suspect and pulled him to safety. He was treated for hypothermia and released to police, who charged him with auto theft, attempted auto theft, evading police, and other charges.

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