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Lucky Supermarkets Advises Customers to Check Their Bank Accounts

Lucky Supermarkets is advising customers – including those in Alameda – to verify and monitor all of their credit card and debit card accounts, after discovering that card readers in 20 of their stores have been tampered with.

In a notice posted to its website, the company wrote that “in the course of regular store maintenance,” it discovered that the credit card readers in the self check-out lanes at 20 stores, including the store at Marina Village Shopping Center in Alameda, had been tampered with. The notice did not say how the readers had been tampered with or who might have done it.

The company has removed the tampered card readers and taken unspecified steps to enhance security for the readers in all of its 234 stores.

Lucky’s customers should check and monitor their credit card and bank statements for unauthorized or suspicious charges.

Lucky Supermarkets also suggests that consumers visit the Federal Trade Commission website on identify theft.

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