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Niman Ranch Network Grows to Over 700 Farms

Alameda based Niman Ranch announced today that it now includes more than 700 independently owned farms in its humane livestocking network.

The company, based in Harbor Bay Business Park, said that it’s network has grown 75 percent in the past five years; the network added 26 cage-free egg farmers in 2010, and the East Coast hog program, last month, added 20 new farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and New York.

Niman Ranch works with farmers and ranchers in more than 26 states to raise livestock according to sustainable and humane protocols.

“In 1972, the term ‘sustainability’ wasn’t making headlines, yet Niman Ranch founded a company based on the belief that raising livestock according to traditional agriculture practices was better for the land, the animals and the farmers,” Jeff Tripician, Niman Ranch chief marketing officer, said. “Nearly 40 years later, this founding philosophy has allowed Niman Ranch to positively impact the livelihood of more than 700 independently owned U.S. farmers, their families and their rural communities.”

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