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Alameda Fire Department Unveils New Senior Safety Program

By Erica Madison

Budget cuts for the fiscal year 2011-2012, forced the City of Alameda to stop offering the Senior Safety Program, but help from nonprofit organizations and the Alameda Housing Authority have revived the Senior Safety Program.

The original Senior Safety Program provided low income seniors with smoke alarms safety plans to prevent fire hazards and potential fall related injuries. The new program is called the Housing Safety and Accessibility Modification Program and along with fire prevention and safety, the program also provides disability services for disabled citizens.

The Housing Authority, Mastick Senior Center, as well as the Boy Scouts, the Kiwanis Club and Alameda Hospital, will jointly participate in the new program. The program is being funded by a $5000 grant from Home Depot, and $49, 895 provided by the Housing Authority.

The Fire Department already has the new program in operation. They have hired a part-time Housing Safety and Accessibility Assistant to oversee the program.

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