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Alameda: 2011 Year in Review

This past year was a busy one for Alameda, particularly for Alameda City Hall which saw a regime change following the election of a new Mayor in November of 2010. Here are some of the highlights from the past year from Action Alameda News.

Residents react to dismissal of interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant.

Citizen complaints spark investigation of Alameda Hospital’s Dr. Robert Deutsch.

Alameda City Council commits taxpayers to over $820 debt burden.

Rain swamps Alameda.

Alameda Unified School District passes new seven-year parcel tax, doubling and in some cases tripling taxes for residents.

Google awards high-speed fiber for communities project to Kansas City (not Alameda.)

Former Alameda Fire Chief David Kapler sues City of Alameda for wrongful dismissal.

Action Alameda News publishes The Otaez Series, a series of photographs from Mayor Marie Gilmore’s 2010 election night victory party.

Alameda City Council names John Russo City Manager.

Alameda resident Raymond Zack drowns at Crown Beach on Memorial Day, while public safety officials look on.

Alameda City Manager appoints Mike Noonan Chief of Police.

City of Alameda settles claim with Councilmember Lena Tam to pay $47,000 in legal expenses.

City hosts barbecue to woo Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory second campus to Alameda Point.

Alameda City Council approves plan for Boatworks project.

Action Alameda News breaks story of Boys & Girls Club donation to Mayor Marie Gilmore’s campaign, in violation of IRS rules.

Former Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant file lawsuit against City of Alameda for wrongful dismissal.

Alameda Hospital assessed penalties by the California Department of Public Health.

U.S. Navy agrees to no-cost transfer of Alameda Point to the City of Alameda.

Public outcry of planned land swap involving Chuck Corica Golf Complex.

Public outcry over felling of trees on Park Street.

Residents complain to State Attorney general regarding allegations of City Hall corruption.

Contract talks between school district and teachers break down.

Coast Guard honors Pearl Harbor survivors at 70th anniversary ceremony.

City partners with non-profits to keep animal shelter open.

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