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New Smoking Ordinance Takes Effect Monday

A recently passed ordinance that sets restrictions on smoking in public places goes into affect on Monday, January 2nd.

The new law prohibits smoking in all outdoor public places, including dining areas, recreational areas, service areas such as bus stops and ATMs, shopping malls, commercial sidewalks and within 20 feet of any enclosed area that also prohibits smoking.

The law also prohibits smoking in places of employment, both indoors and outdoors, that are open to the public, and in vehicles used as a work place, such as a taxi.

Smoking will also be prohibited in 100% of new multi-unit rental and condominium-style complexes, including on balconies and porches.

The City of Alameda has provided a summary of the law here.

Alameda Police Chief Mike Noonan has said, however, that enforcement will be a low priority for his officers.

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