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Target is Moving Into Alameda

By Erica Madison

By October 2013 Target will become Alameda’s newest retailer.

Earlier this week, Planning Services Manager Andrew Thomas unveiled the design for the new Target at Alameda Landing. The new store will be 140,000 square feet. This is part of Alameda’s plan to redevelop and reuse the former 77-acre Fleet Industrial Supply Center.

The Planning Board was happy about the addition of this new retailer.

“When it’s all done we’ll have a dynamic west end,” vice president Arthur Autorino said.

However, some parties were worried that this new Target will cause problems for small local businesses in Alameda. The chief concern is Target’s plan to sale grocery items in the new store, which could make it hard for other west end businesses to compete.

2 comments to Target is Moving Into Alameda

  • carol g

    Perhaps Target will consider replacing its non-taxable grocery space with a cool new Apple Boutique. That would bring in the sales tax revenue-and be more fun!

  • The person un-happy with Target selling groceries is Mike Henneberry, of the Planning Board, who is also affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which organizes grocery store workers.

    Target works to keep their employees from organizing, hence Mr. Henneberry’s opposition to Target selling groceries.