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US Marshals Arrest Fugitive at USS Hornet Museum

Yesterday, federal marshals arrested Todd Stuart, a fugitive wanted for attempted murder in Pasco, Washington, at the USS Hornet museum in Alameda.

United States Deputy Marshal Joseph Palmer told Action Alameda News that police in Pasco, Washington, learned that Stuart, 48, was in Alameda, and contacted the federal marshals service for help in arresting Stuart. The suspect was believed to be working and living on the retired aircraft carrier USS Hornet, docked at Alameda Point.

The U.S. Marshals Service, District of Northern California adopted the Pasco arrest warrant, and, with two Pasco police detectives who flew down from Washington State, and support from an Oakland Police marine unit in case Stuart went into the water, officers arrested Stuart without incident yesterday. The Alameda Police Department did not participate in the arrest.

Deputy Marshal Palmer said that Stuart, and his then-wife were alleged to have plotted to kill his mother-in-law roughly a year ago, but did not succeed. However, subsequently, his wife did successfully kill her mother with a gun shot, and she now stands on trial for murder.

Stuart has been booked into North County Jail in Oakland, while Pasco police work out the details of transferring him back to Washington state.

Randall Ramian, CEO of the USS Hornet Museum, told Action Alameda News that when Stuart was first affiliated with the museum as a volunteer in May of 2011, his background check ran clean. It was only about six weeks ago, Ramian said, to his understanding, that an arrest warrant was issued. Stuart had recently begun overnighting on the ship in a security capacity; museum officials like to have volunteers on board the ship overnight for security purposes.

Todd Stuart arrested at USS Hornet Museum (U.S. Marshals Service)

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