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Alameda Police Affirm Denial of Public Records Request Related to Park Street Restaurant Robbery

In a letter sent by email yesterday from Alameda Police Records Supervisor Yvonne Cropp, on Alameda Police Chief Mike Noonan’s letterhead, and copied to the chief, the Alameda Police Department re-affirmed its denial of an Action Alameda News public records request for copies of 9-1-1 recordings pertaining to a December 1st, 2011 robbery that saw a restaurant on Park Street, and its patrons, robbed at gunpoint.

Action Alameda News had hoped to use public records provided by the police department to confirm information provided by local sources that refuse to be quoted for attribution. Those sources have told Action Alameda News that the diners, and employees, at La Penca Azul restaurant at 1440 Park Street in Alameda were robbed at gunpoint early last month. They have also provided information that suggest the possibility of an inside job. Additionally, an Alameda Police Department patrol car was reportedly on the street nearby during the robbery.

Because of the Alameda Police Department’s stonewalling on our public records request, we’ve been unable to confirm any of this information. Sources have suggested that Alameda authorities are deliberately trying to cover-up publication of details of the crime, out of fear of deterring residents from spending money on Park Street. Alameda Police Chief Mike Noonan has denied any attempts at a cover-up.

The letter from Ms. Cropp, citing Government Code Section 6254 (f) (2) comes after after readers have commented on an earlier article on this topic, writing “city government and the police collude in the cover up and downplay of serious crimes that occur in Alameda,” and “Same thing applies to rape. Apparently no one ever gets raped in Alameda, although if you look at the statistics, Alameda had 15 rapes in 2010.”

Readers have made these allegations to Action Alameda News in the past.

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