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Alameda Public Utilities Board to Consider Sale of a Portion of Alameda Power’s Renewable Energy

After its special meeting on Monday, Alameda’s Public Utilities Board with convene a regular meeting, wherein it will consider a short-term sale of some of the utility’s renewable energy.

The move is controversial. Last month, when the suggestion of such a sale became public, the group Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) expressed opposition, and wrote to the board, “The worst possible uses of any windfall [from a sale] would be ‘rate softening.’ Customers must face the true costs of their power, or they will not make correct choices between using power, conserving or installing efficiency improvements.”

In a prepared statement announcing the upcoming decision, Alameda Municipal Power stated that, “potential revenues obtained through the proposed short-term sale will be used to invest in efforts to reduce Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions including energy efficiency, additional renewable power investments and other cost effective greenhouse gas reducing initiatives that will benefit all customers in the long term.”

The regular Public Utilities Board meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, January 30th, and will be held at the utility’s service center at 2000 Grand Street; the meeting is open to the public.

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