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Pedestrian Death on Doolittle Drive

Alameda police say that a man killed on Doolittle Drive in Oakland this morning was one of a group of four that refused assistance to get a taxi after their car was impounded in Alameda earlier in the morning.

Alameda police say that at 4:43 a.m. this morning, an officer stopped a car for speeding on the 2900 block of Otis Drive in Alameda. The car was towed away for a 30-day impound per Alameda police policy and the California Vehicle Code because the driver was found to have a suspended license. There were four occupants in the car.

Police say that officers twice offered to call a taxi to the scene to transport the occupants at their own expense.

Subsequently, just after 6:00 a.m., police say they received a report of a person hit by a vehicle on Doolittle Drive in the City of Oakland, and that one person was killed at the scene. Alameda police say that the Oakland Police Department investigated the collision and informally notified Alameda officials that the deceased was from the same group of people stopped and released in Alameda earlier in the morning.

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