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City Tries to Ready Residents for New Local Tax

Last week, the City of Alameda announced a press briefing to launch on online “Budget Challenge” interactive survey tool that puts residents in the role of trying to balance the City’s budget, in an apparent attempt to ready citizens and businesses for a new local tax.

Last summer, the City raised the specter of a new local tax when Assistant City Manager Lisa Goldman told Alameda City Council, “We are facing $7 million to $9 million deficits for the next 5 years, absent corrective actions…These cuts [in the 2011-12 budget] will not be enough to sustain us indefinitely.”

Additionally, a research firm has reportedly been conducting a poll of Alameda residents to determine support for a tax and of what nature.

According to a press release from City Hall, the Budget Challenge tool achieves the following:

1. It’s a quick, yet thorough way to understand the details of the City’s General Fund budget.
2. It presents real policy choices that City leaders face while balancing the budget. People will be able to relate to the hard choices at stake.
3. Everyday people understand the importance of balancing the checkbook and they won’t take the easy way out of the game. They’ll be forced to make tough decisions, and they’ll take on that responsibility in this survey.

The tool is set to launch Wednesday, February 8th.

1 comment to City Tries to Ready Residents for New Local Tax

  • Marie

    Hmmm. I’m willing to say most Alamedans will not support additional taxes once
    they look at the salary and benefits database for city employees.

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