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Alameda Fire Department Gets New Rescue Truck

The Alameda Fire Department has a new truck – Rescue Truck 4.

The City of Alameda announced the addition today, saying in a statement that the new vehicle has specialized rescue equipment to aid in the response structure fires, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle collisions and water emergencies.

The truck has a 20 foot high tower light, an air compressor for filling firefighter air bottles in the field, and a 40 kw multipurpose power generator.

A Department of Homeland Security grant funded 80% of the $500,000 cost of the vehicle, and the City of Alameda paid the balance. It will be based at Fire Station #4 on Bay Farm Island.

New Alameda fire truck, "Rescue 4" (City of Alameda)

4 comments to Alameda Fire Department Gets New Rescue Truck

  • DHL

    Why would it be stationed at Bay Farm when the hazardous material events and larger fires have been at The Point? This makes no sense.

  • Pat Berton

    The reason is under the tenure of CM Ann Marie Gallant & Fire Chief David Kapler, Fire Station #5 on Alameda Point was closed & the Fire Department reduced the ranks by 12. Since then the station has been unstaffed, not maintained, & is under the sole control of Public Works as of the base conveyance to the COA.

  • Pat – What about the station on Pacific at Webster? That’s much closer to Alameda Point than Fire Station #5.

  • Pat Berton

    Station #2 already has a Engine Company, Truck Company, Ambulance, Rescue Boat w/ utility truck to tow boat. The station was built in 1928 & originally had horses w/ hose wagon. The station is at its max capacity and actually can’t accommodate the new generation of fire apparatus coming out. The new fire apparatus are larger to accommodate more equipment as fire departments are called to provide a larger diverse amount of services and have to be equipped to do so.

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