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Environmental Group to go Door-to-door in Alameda

Forests Forever, a non-profit and environmental lobby will be soliciting door-to-door in Alameda through March 31st.

Alameda police received a courteously notice from the group who will be soliciting until 9:00 p.m. during the week and until 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Door-to-door soliciting can be a concern for residents, particularly in Alameda which has suffered a recent spate of burglaries, as would-be burglars sometimes case target houses under the guise of solicitation.

Solicitors are supposed to avoid houses with clearly marked, and lit, at night, “No Soliciting” signs.

1 comment to Environmental Group to go Door-to-door in Alameda

  • DHL

    Alameda seems to be targeted by out-of-town solicitors; the only way to reverse this is to stop being a successful place for them. Put up the signs, stop donating/giving to out-of-towners.

    My person rule posted on my front door: “If you’re over 12 and I don’t know you, don’t knock. If you’re 12 and under, please knock. Rules are voided for emergencies.”

    Maybe we should design our own custom ‘no soliciting’ sticker for the risers on the ubiquitous Victorian stairs.