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Alameda Hospital Sued for Medical Malpractice

Last week, a medical malpractice lawsuit against Alameda Hospital was filed in Alameda County Superior Court, claiming damages of less than $10,000.

Plaintiff Paul Simms claims that on August 20th, 2011, he was at Alameda Hospital for x-rays, and asked to sit down because he felt dizzy and faint. “At this time, plaintiff Simms was not properly supervised and watched at this critical time where it was readily forseeable that he could fall to the ground,” his complaint reads.

Simms fainted and fell suffering an injury not specified in the complaint. His complaint states that Alameda Hospital failed to comply with all professional standards of care, which caused him his injury.

Last September, Alameda Hospital was one of twelve hospitals fined by the State of California for failure to comply with licensing requirements, the result of which caused, or was likely to cause, serious injury or death to patients.

Mr. Simms is represented by attorney David Shane of Greenbrae, California. The case is RG12618399.

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