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City to Kick-in Another $46,154 to Corrupted Social Services Agency

Alameda City Council will vote next week on a recommendation from City Manager John Russo to contribute another $46,154 to the winding down of the Alameda County Associated Community Action Program, a social services agency that failed last year and whose executive director has been charged with felony grand theft and misuse of public funds.

These new funds would bring Alameda’s total contribution to the wind-down fund to over $146,500; a specialist firm, Management Partners, is managing the close-out of the agency.

The former executive director of the agency, Nanette Dillard, and her husband, Paul Daniels were charged last month in the disappearance of roughly $1 million in cash from the agency’s coffers. Last year, they were caught on video tape removing boxes of documents from their offices late at night.

2 comments to City to Kick-in Another $46,154 to Corrupted Social Services Agency

  • cg

    is this a Consent Calendar item{rubber stamped] or on the Regular Agenda?
    BTW see the succinct op-ed Letter in today’s Alameda Journal by Kevin Nealy about how our present Council has only made living in Alameda More Work & Less Enjoyable. It’s right on the mark!

  • Richard Hausman

    Which council member was Alameda’s representative on ACAP’s board during 2008-2011?