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Alameda City Council Rejects Mif Albright Land Swap Proposal

Last night, Alameda City Council voted 5 to 0 to reject a controversial land swap deal that would have seen developer Ron Cowan build 130 new homes built on a portion of the Chuck Corica Golf Complex.

Mary Theresa Anderson, President of Protect Our Alameda Parks, told Action Alameda News, “I am very pleased with the unanimous vote of the Council to reject the land swap and to negotiate with sports management companies to operate the entire golf course and to invest substantial amounts of money in its improvement.

“Residents of both Alameda and Bay Farm Island can breathe a big sigh of relief that our parkland has been saved and we will not have to contend with all the negative consequences of 130 new houses.

“The Council, however, did not acknowledge that the Charter prevents them from both selling and swapping land, so we are vulnerable to future proposals to “swap” parkland. For that reason, we must continue our efforts to put the Initiative on the ballot in November to strengthen the Charter and protect our parks.”

Protect our parks supporters at Alameda City Hall to support parks protection initiative. (File photo)

On the same day of the council vote, Alameda residents received a mailer urging residents to call or e-mail city council members to encourage them to consider a proposal from the Alameda Youth Sports Foundation that would have seen the swap go through, and sports fields built on the North Loop Road parcel that Mr. Cowan wanted to provide in exchange for the golf complex land.

The mailer provided an artist’s rendering of a layout of the sports fields, which was to include an all-weather, lighted football field, and spoke of a potential west-end sports complex as well. The Foundation was hoping to use money from the exchange deal as a seed fund for a new complex at Alameda Point.

Postal mailer from the Alameda Youth Sports Foundation regarding Mif Albright swap.

Asked about the vote, Pat Bail, a member of the Foundation, said, “At least we drew attention that we need fields and the city has no money or seemly the will to have done something about it. But I am saddened by the negative comments from people I have known for years. I heard a quote on the radio that applies, ‘In a civilized society, one should be able to have a difference of opinion without it turning vicious.’ ”

3 comments to Alameda City Council Rejects Mif Albright Land Swap Proposal

  • Adam Gillitt

    I heard a quote on the radio that applies, ‘In a civilized society, one should be able to have a difference of opinion without it turning vicious.’

    Thanks for the laugh, Pat. We live in Alameda, not a civilized society.

  • cg

    I would like to to address a remark I heard Pat Bail make last night. She seemed to feel angling for sports fields at the Point was pointless, because it was being fought over by Audubon, Cal Fish & Game, et al. That’s no longer as true as it once was. The boundaries of the Wildlife Areas are pretty well defined now, helped by the fact that the Audubon rep has been the Communiy Co-chair of the RAB for the past 10 years. There are more cleaned-up, ready-to-use areas at AlPo than ever before.

  • I’ve talked to Pat at length about all of this. She wanted the fields at North Loop Rd, and a new sports complex at Alameda Point. She realized that it would take a lot longer to have a complex at Alameda Point, for a variety of reasons.

    Not only Pat, but other people in the youth sports community, including people that didn’t necessarily support Pat or the swap, are frustrated over the issues of field development, field maintenance, rental fees, etc. on Alameda sports fields.