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Alameda City Council Puts Sales Tax Increase on the Ballot

Alameda City Council voted last night to put a one-half percent local sales tax increase on the ballot, increasing the tax to 9.25 percent.

The stated purpose of the tax is to pay for a number of items, including a new police vehicle fleet, a new emergency operations center, a new 50-meter swimming pool, and renovations to the Carnegie Library. However, in response to a public records request, Alameda city staff confirmed that cost estimates and schedules for all of the items promised in the proposal do not exist or are not final.

6 comments to Alameda City Council Puts Sales Tax Increase on the Ballot

  • Dennis Laine

    More pie in the sky. A half percent sales tax that is going to be put in the general fund and be sucked up by more pay raises etc.
    No more sales taxes, no more parcels taxes, NO MORE TAXES PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat Berton

    Dennis I guess you can’t hear from all of your crying, but the measure is a special tax that is not for the general fund. It has specific area of expenditure and if you were paying attention the city auditor & city treasurer were pleased that there is oversight built in that they can audit the expenses each year. The law also provides a mechanism for any city resident to sue the city if the report shows the funds are not spent on the projects earmarked as a result of the vote of the people. You should be part of the solution, not the problem, constant negativity by a vocal few who have uniformed skewed facts.

  • Nonetheless, folks should read the language of the ordinance carefully. There is nothing there that guarantees when anything will be built, and the City has not done an analysis to know how much all of these things will cost, as they admitted to me.

    They admit, that although they are promising a swimming pool, they don’t know where they would put it, and have no idea if/when any private/public partnership to build it will materialize.

    This sounds like SunCal’s Measure B all over again – lots of promises not backed up with the letter of the ordinance.

  • Dennis Laine

    I guess that we will have to pass the tax to find out what is in it. Sound familiar????

  • cg

    Sorry, Pat Berton:Constant taxes are UNsustainable. Leads to R3volutions, Boston tea Party, you know. Educate yourself by reading Ron Paul’s platform! Pat if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. BTW, all the Fire Trux I’ve seen around town during the last year have been shiny & new. Where are the decrepit ones needing replacement? And there’s something ODD about a ONE-story firehouse being seismically unsafe.