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Alameda’s Coast Guard Island Participates in Naval Research Lab Satellite Test

The United States Naval Research Laboratory announced today that the Eleventh Coast Guard District, headquartered on Coast Guard Island in Alameda, participated in a successful experiment with the laboratory’s TacSat-4 communications satellite on January 24th, by communicating with Coast Guard cutter Healy in the Bering Sea, roughly 260 nautical miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The Healy, based in Seattle, is the Coast Guard’s newest and most technologically advanced polar icebreaker. At the time of the test, the Healy was returning from an icebreaking and escort mission to Nome, Alaska, supporting a Russian tanker delivering emergency fuel to the town.

The TacSat-4 satellite circles the earth in an elliptical orbit, reaching a maximum height of 12,050 kilometers at its apogee. The satellite augments current satellite communication by helping to reach high latitudes.

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab in Colorado Springs, Colorado, also participated in the communications test between the Healy and personnel on Coast Guard Island.

That lab’s participation was part of an ongoing joint military utility assessment of the TacSat-4 satellite.

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