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Alameda Firefighters Hire Media Relations Consultant

In the wake of the controversy over the drowning death of Raymond Zack, when first responders stood on the beach while the Alameda resident drowned in shallow water last year, the Alameda Firefighters union, IAFF Local 689, has apparently hired media relations consultant.

The website for Duffy & Capitolo, a political campaign management and media firm in Sacramento, lists the firefighters union local on its website as a “media relations” client.

According to the website, “Our creative strategies and powerful advertising win elections and move public opinion. We are proud to work with Democratic candidates, ballot measure committees, business organizations and labor unions.”

Duffy & Capitolo also say that Alameda Councilmember Rob Bonta is a client, and that it is the principal consultant for Mr. Bonta’s state assembly campaign. Also, the firm lists itself as the principal consultant for Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore’s mayoral campaign in 2010.

Alameda Firefighters Hire Consultant

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