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City of Alameda Approves Housing Authority Deregulation

By Erica Madison

Starting April 22, 2012 the Housing Authority will become an independent organization.

The details were ironed out at a Special City Council meeting on Tuesday March 20, 2012.

In order for the Housing Authority to become an independent entity, Alameda City Council had to relinquish their roles as the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority. Instead, the current chairs of the Housing Commission are going to transition into the new Board of Commissioners. The new Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority are: Arthur Kurrasch, Joy Pratt, Stuart Rickard, Clifton Smith, Fayleen Allen, and Cullen Jones.

The new Board Commissioners will transition from being local government employees to Housing Authority employees. This was an important point that Mayor Marie Gilmore and other members of the City Council were concerned about. The new Board of Commissioners will still be eligible to receive a pension through Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) which similar their current PERS plan.

Although Alameda City will no longer govern the Housing Authority, they will conduct annual independent audits of the organization’s finances and at the federal level HUD will provide oversight.

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