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Another Schools Parcel Tax on the Ballot on June 5th

In addition to Measure C, Alameda voters will consider on June 5th a $48 per parcel tax put on the ballot by the Peralta Community College District.

Measure B would tax all parcels in the district, including parcels in Alameda, a flat $48 to raise money for the College of Alameda, Laney College, Merritt College and Berkeley City College; the tax would run for eight years.

The tax would take effect July 1, 2012.

6 comments to Another Schools Parcel Tax on the Ballot on June 5th

  • KZ

    I don’t even know what to say. I’m being taxed to death. I don’t, and never did, have any kids. Why can’t people in my position be exempt from the extra taxes? We all pay the base school taxes.


  • Barbara

    Why people who do not own property vote? Why exempted seniors voted for Measure A?
    Redistribution of someone’s money is fun and it’s not supposed to touch them, but when others’ money is not enough (always is) then it’s boomeranging back to those do-gooders in the form of all sort taxation.
    Get ready for more…

  • Marie

    No one in their right mind would vote in favor of giving Peralta more money. I’ve read in the paper what a bunch of crooks they are, giving contracts to friends, and refusing to provide the public information.
    They need to get a clue about how they are viewed in the public eye. If I had the money, which I don’t, I would not give a dime to the Peralta Community College District. No on B and C.

  • Barbara

    NO MORE TAXES period!!!
    And yes, bankruptcy is a solution, because it will point to politicians who run the show.
    Only then change can take place. Staring with unaccountable politician.

  • Carol

    Looks like its a good time to remind everyone [again] how quantifiably unfair these parcel taxes really are: According to LAFCo, the Alameda voting base of about 43,000 voters gets to levy taxes on ONLY about 1500 property owners. Good old-fashioned taxation without representation. Even if every property owner voted against parcel taxes, they’d still pass!

  • Barbara

    Just few minutes ago student from Alameda High was in my neighborhood collecting signatures for Measure C. What a shame…They should study math and English.
    NO on C, B and any other tax extortion.

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