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City Council to Give John Russo a Performance Evaluation

In a closed session meeting on Tuesday, Alameda City Council will give City Manager John Russo a performance evaluation. Mr. Russo is up for a $10,000 per year salary increase.

John Russo, formerly the City Attorney for Oakland, started a five year contract on June 13th of last year with an annual salary of $215,000. His contract with the City of Alameda provides that if he is granted a “meets expectations” or better rating on his annual performance review, his salary will be bumped to $225,000 for the second year of the contract.

The contract provides for annual $10,000 increases tied to Mr. Russo’s performance. If he hits his performance target every year, he would be paid a salary of $255,000 in the fifth year of his contract.

The City also pays Mr. Russo $15,000 annual in a 457 deferred compensation plan. This combined with his salary, if he “meets expectations,” would take his compensation to $240,000 for the upcoming year, and to $270,000 in the fifth year of his contract.

3 comments to City Council to Give John Russo a Performance Evaluation

  • cg

    I’m disappointed Mr. Russo was not able to teach that class in Municipal Law at Berkeley this semester.

  • KZ

    What??? I thought the city was broke? Isn’t that why they want to raise the sales tax?


  • jack

    I am wondering if the City took into consideration the little story they try to keep very quiet , the modification of Gibbons Drive in which they lied to the Federal Government to optain funding , in short a fraud ! an action for which you or me would be doing hard time in St Quentin .