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Alameda to South San Francisco Ferry Service to Begin June 4th

A new ferry service will begin June 4th to take passengers from Alameda and Oakland to South San Francisco, and the first week is free.

The ride from the East Bay to Oyster Point in South San Francisco – a biotech hub – will take 40 to 50 minutes, according to the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), which operates the San Francisco Bay Ferry. Ferries will leave the Alameda Main Street terminal at three times during the morning commute, and return twice from Oyster Point in the evening.

Ernest Sanchez of WETA told Action Alameda News that employee surveys conducted by WETA at Oyster Point businesses, and regional demographic and transportation data from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments identified a potential ridership market to support the service.

“Oyster Point is a major employment center that is not conveniently accessible by regional transit, particularly for trips originating in the East Bay,” he said. “Prominent industries include numerous biotech firms anchored by the presence of Genentech, one of the largest employers on the Peninsula.”

Genentech will provide shuttles for employees to get between the Oyster Point ferry terminal and the Genentech campus; WETA also anticipates that some riders will take their bikes on board and then ride to their final work destination.

Further, WETA has worked out a plan to provide shuttle service between the ferry terminal and major employment nodes at Oyster Point, and the South San Francisco Caltrain station, west of Highway 101.

Would-be riders of the service can reserve a free seat during the first week of service, on a first-come, first-served basis, via the website

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