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Social Rewards Internet Startup Launches in Alameda

An Alameda-based social rewards Internet startup company, Givegoods, was launched on May 18th.

Givegoods works with local businesses to provide discount coupons in return for a charitable donation. For example, a local restaurant might over $20 off a $40 dinner in return for a $20 charitable donation through Givegoods’ website.

Of the $20 donation, Givegoods keeps 8 percent and the remaining 92 percent goes to a designated charity. Founder and CEO Christopher Grant Ward contrasts that with other “daily deal” Internet sites that take as much as 25 percent of the retail price. Further, he says that with Givegoods, donors get reward certificates worth 100 percent or more of their donation.

The company says it currently has 29 participating Alameda businesses supporting four charities.

Businesses are not charged to participate in the program.

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