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Greenway Golf Wins Chuck Corica Golf Complex

By Erica Madison

With ninety percent of the crowd voicing support for Greenway Golf, it came as no surprise when City Council unanimously voted last week for Greenway Golf to take over management of the Chuck Corica Golf Complex.

City of Alameda staff clearly favored Kemper, and City Manager John Russo spent the evening leaving subtle hints about Kemper being the best bet.

Mayor Gilmore countered this with her own explanation.

“I don’t think the public expects us to rubber stamp a staff recommendation,” Mayor Marie Gilmore said.

Even though staff recommended Kemper, Greenway Golf clearly offered a more enticing option.

Here’s why Alameda City Council picked Greenway Golf to manage the Chuck Corrica Golf Complex:

  • The company is based in California, unlike Kemper, which resides in Chicago.
  • They promise to save three percent of their revenue for capital improvements. Kemper only offered two percent.
  • Greenway’s plans to renovate the Mif Par Three, Earl Fry, Jack Clark courses and Driving Range offer more improvements than its competitor.
  • The Jack Clark course will be remodeled into a link style course, which will generate more revenue.
  • Environmental friendly approach to grounds management, which includes reducing the use of pesticides.
  • The Golf Commission voted for Greenway Golf in a 3-2 split.

With Greenway Golf, Alameda stands to make at least $11.4 million in rent and the Chuck Corica Golf Complex will receive a $6.7 million remodel. Greenway Golf’s management term will last twenty years with a one time five year extension.

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