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Measure C Campaign Filings Now Available

Citizens for Preserving Alameda Committee for Measure C, and Alamedans Against Measure C, two local political action committees campaigning on the sales tax increase ballot measure on the ballot next week, have filed their campaign statements with the Alameda City Clerk’s office.

Citizens for Preserving Alameda Committee for Measure C reported $51,848 in contributions from January 1st of this year through May 19th, and $38,430.60 in expenditures. Of the money raised, $49,148 came from unions affiliated with the fire and police departments’ managers or rank and file members.

Alamedans Against Measure C reported $1,942 in contributions and $1,367.42 in expenditures with contributions coming from Alameda individuals and business owners. That group’s largest reported single expense was $774.27 for campaign signs.

The full campaign statements are available at the City Clerk’s office at City Hall, or online at the City of Alameda’s website, under the City Clerk’s document database.

1 comment to Measure C Campaign Filings Now Available

  • jack

    if anyone is interested by who is removing the no on C signs in Alameda , one couple drive drive a 4 doors silver scion with a spoiler on the back {like if spoiler have ever been effective in these cars} had an AFD sticker on the left side California licence 6CTH636 , they had a trunk full of them ,
    He: skinned head “aka shaved wanted to arrest me “no uniform no badge” one of those ….
    Her :laundromat blondish type fake gold and fake diamonds hearing , you picture the type , Kind a sad for the Alameda Firemen to get driven around and remove sign opposing their view at our expenses , sign was posted 187 feet from the pooling station or 37 feet away as told by City of Alameda Attorney , and like many yes on C was on a public property .
    Hope they eat their shirt tonight.
    Sorry ! a new low for the Firemen.
    Busted in the Act want Photos……