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City Braces for Failure of Measure C

Late today, City of Alameda officials distributed notice of a special city council meeting for next Tuesday, June 12th, at 7:00 p.m. for a “Council Discussion of the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget in the Event Measure C Fails.”

5 comments to City Braces for Failure of Measure C

  • jack

    Anyone interested by whom removed the no on C around town , will be happy to know I had the luck of catching in the act twice and have Photo to prove it . the signs were posted like the yes on c on City property {tree}
    One skin head caucasian , foul mouth , wanted to arrest me never displayed badge and was not in uniform .
    Other was a laundromat blonde with fake gold and diamonds pave hearing
    They were driving around in a 4 doors Scion silver with spoiler on the back , had AFD sticker left rear windshield vehicle was bought in San Jose and the Licence plate CA – 6CTH636. signs were 187 feet from the pooling station , yes I measure it .US Made Stanley tape measure …..
    After speaking with City Attorney there was nothing wrong with the sign since the yes on C allready had posted their on public property.
    Sad to see the Firemen dropping to a new low .

  • KZ

    Post the pictures here and on Facebook! Send them to the Alameda Sun, too, for good measure!

  • Pat Berton

    I was leaving from eating lunch at Oteaz & I heard your foul mouth running as well as grabbing your crotch, unzipping your fly in reference to your name when asked. I wonder if your boss at the Home Depot on High St. Would like to know what kind of employee they have representing the store.

  • DHL

    Please email the photo to:

    Thank you!

  • Barbara

    At the end it does not matter because we won…
    Sweet victory. There was sooo much effort to remove “No on C”, that it only reflected badly on supporters on C. Vicious, mean, low class…

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