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Measure C Election Results

Measure C did not pass – it needed a 2/3rds majority ‘yes’ vote to pass. With all 45 precincts reporting, Measure C has only 50.29% of the vote.

All 45 precincts reporting
Yes 5816 50.29
No 5748 49.71

24 precincts reporting, 10:53 p.m.
Yes 4650 50.62
No 4536 49.38

11 precincts reporting, 10:24 p.m.
Yes 3885 52.02
No 3583 47.98

7 precincts reporting, just after 10:00 p.m.

Yes 3653 51.86
No 3391 48.14

Absentee ballots reporting, just after 8:00 p.m.

yes/no # of Votes % of Total
Yes 3268 51.98
No 3019 48.02

9 comments to Measure C Election Results

  • Barbara

    Thanks to you ALL who voted No on C.
    People can see the truth!
    Good job!!!

  • KZ


    What should I do with my yard sign – does someone want it back?

  • KZ

    Dave – Ha-ha. Seriously, though – the stands can be re-used. Do you want me to keep it for the next battle?

  • DHL

    Yes. we want the no/C signs back. Please email to return them for reuse in November. Thank you!

  • Barbara

    Ha, ha, ha…

  • […] projects.  I guess some people got burned by the parcel tax, because the measure was rejected by nearly 50% of the town […]

  • Barb Thomas

    Shame there is only one representative of the people on the Council. Now we have to move on to the next battle: Making the City of Alameda become the Master Developer at the Point. Otherwise, there will just be one battle after another to get the firefighter’s council to do what is right. Honora Murphy, that name should ring a bell, for all those who opposed SUNCAL. She led the fight for SUNCAL. Now she is leading the fight to re-instate SUNCAL or some other developer to take the profits that should rightly belong to the City and our children and grandchildren. (Think of the swimming pools and all weather lighted sports fields that could be built!!) Frankly there is no other way to fund all the City’s outrageous salaries unless we raise taxes on ourselves. Get ready for another battle in this war against the GILBONTAM Firefighter’s triumverate. Please don’t elect him to the Assembly. It will only give him a platform from which to wreak further havoc on Alameda and other cities in his bid to repay the firefighters!!

  • Barbara

    Just in case Bonta will be elected, we have to be ready for his replacement.
    Bonta is tax lover, taxes when he was on Hospital Board, taxes when he is on City Council.
    Taxes, taxes, taxes is his ONLY solution. Sort of lazy approach…
    I believe that GILBONTAM is loosing momentum, and people are ready for new leadership.
    Barbara Thomas for City Council!
    Than, David Howard for School Board!
    Time to act!

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