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New Parking Meter Kiosks on Park Street

Parking kiosks, similar to those already in Berkeley and Oakland, have to come to Alameda, on Park Street, between Central and San Jose avenues.

The kiosks allow you to pay with either coins or a credit/debit card, and buy the amount of time you need, but require you to place the printed receipt face-up on the driver’s side of your vehicle dashboard. You can buy up to 2 hours of parking time.

The City of Alameda says there will be a grace period, during which parking enforcement officers will place reminders – not tickets – on cars not properly displaying valid receipts. Strict parking enforcement will begin on June 25th.

The kiosks do not give change, and will charge a minimum of 1 hour when using plastic.

Parking costs $1.00 per hour.

Alameda Parking Kiosk

Alameda Parking Kiosk

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