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Community Meeting to Discuss Travel Lane Reduction on Shoreline Drive

Later this week, the City of Alameda Public Works Department will host a second community meeting regarding a proposal to convert automobile lanes on Shoreline Drive/Westline Drive to bicycle lanes.

The Public Works Department invites the public to the second community meeting to discuss a potential project to restripe Shoreline Drive/Westline Drive to provide bike lanes.

According the proposal, the City of Alameda would:

  • Install bike lanes
  • Reduce number of travel lanes
  • Install up to 20 bicycle racks
  • Install bus shelters on Shoreline Drive at Kitty Hawk Drive and on Grand Street at Shoreline Drive
  • Provide shuttle bus landing area on Westline Drive south of Shorepoint Court
  • Install up to two crosswalks

The meeting is this Thursday, June 28, at 7:00 p.m. at Lum School.

3 comments to Community Meeting to Discuss Travel Lane Reduction on Shoreline Drive

  • cg

    PLEASE COME!People who Drive Cars should definitely come to this meeting! Proposal Line 2 should read:Cut Number Of Auto Lanes in Half, because that is much more accurate. This decision will affect many more than those who live within 300 feet of the project. Envision all those bikes now up on the beach blacktop In Your Face with the rest of the traffic.

  • KZ

    I’m all for this! Alameda is very bikeable and walkable and more people should get out of their cars. I see people drive two blocks all the time. No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic!

    Also, it’s very difficult for both pedestrians and bikes to use the path.

  • cg

    Not to mention Jazzys, Rascals, & walkers! Everyday more aging Baby Boomers are forced by circumstances beyond their control to abandon bicycling & walking & retreat to their cars. Let’s keep Alameda a disability-friendly city. KZ, be sure to read the 50 page Alameda Manual for sharing the road with bicycles paid for with your Measure B dollars:
    Do you know your MUTCDs?

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