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Alameda Budget Vote Tonight

Alameda City Council will vote on a budget tonight that will see a seven percent reduction in Administrative Services expenses, a six percent reduction in General Government expenses, a five percent reduction in the police department budget, and two percent reduction in the fire department budget.

Some of the cost savings measures have already been implemented; for example, the Alameda Police Department has already transferred operations of the animal shelter to a non-profit.

Additional savings in the police department would come from closing jail operations and transferring that function to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, which operates the Santa Rita jail in Dublin, and the Glen E. Dyer Detention Facility (also known as “north county”) in Oakland. Total police department reductions would amount to $1.81 million.

Fire department reductions totaling $451,000 would come from using federal grant money to purchase wildland firefighting equipment, reducing overtime, and reducing planned equipment expenditures. However, a separate agenda item would upgrade the Fire Department’s Fire/Building Code Compliance Officer position to Senior Fire Code Compliance Office, resulting in an additional annual cost of $5,897.

Other general fund savings would come from shuffling staff positions; three Recreation and Park Department positions would be switched from the general fund to the Athletic Trust Fund, for a savings of roughly $400,000 per year. The Public Work department would transfer roughly $300,000 in street light funding to Alameda Municipal Power, a City-owned utility.

The City Clerk’s office would realize un-specified cost savings from reorganizing the department, but no details were provided in the meeting packet.

Tonight’s proposal is essentially unchanged from that presented at the May 29th budget workshop.

5 comments to Alameda Budget Vote Tonight

  • DHL

    Still, no reductions in fire captains in the AFD??? That would save us nearly $4M???

    Why isn’t the city making the AFD efficient? We have a clear definitive path to AFD efficiency that would save millions without even addressing exhorbitant pay levels and includes reducing staff to normal levels and closing Fire Station 3 which is a wholly unnecessary station.

    The city should be addressing fire overstaffing and station-redundancies in order to save money and provide improved/increased police staffing.

    Why aren’t they doing this? Is it because the fire union is influencing every city decision-maker through their significant political donations every election?

  • cg

    I’m encouraged that there have been some budget reductions and there is talk of renegotiating some of these expensive contracts. I think it must take more courage to actually lay someone off, fire them, or put them on admin leave. And this is only Mr. Russo’s first attempt at being a city manager.

  • Gregg de Haan

    If I worked for APD i would be furious. It is a bit unfair for the Police department to reduce services while the fire department gets new boats and trucks. I agree with DHL, we need to reduce AFD’s budget and restore APD back to our current levels. I guess it pays to buy your elected officials. The Police chief must be furious. Rightfully so. Mr. Russo needs to do his job and stop trying to be political. He was hired to handle the budget and all he is doing is shafting city employees who did not donate to the Gilmore, Tam, Bonta Russo campaign. Notice the police were not invited to the Oatez victory party…

  • Barbara

    Thank God Measure C failed. Imagine insanity of spending if it would pass.
    We have to educate the public about seriousness of mismanagement of city’s resources by our current City Council (GilTamBo) and City Manager – for their benefit only!
    Sincere thanks to David Howard for providing this platform to communicate sanity.

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