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Main Street West of Ferry Terminal Closed on July 4th

Next Wednesday, July 4th, the City of Alameda plans to close off the west end of Main Street, between the ferry terminal and the former western gate to the naval air station from 8:00 a.m. to midnight.

Alameda police say the move is necessary due to heavy vehicle traffic in the past, as people traveled to Alameda to watch fireworks displays set in Oakland or San Francisco. The heavy traffic compromises the safety of local businesses and residents, police say.

In past years, police have closed Mariner Square Drive north of Marina Village Parkway, which affords a view of fireworks displays set in Jack London Square in Oakland. Police note that Oakland will not sponsor a fireworks display this year.

Access to the ferry terminal will remain open, but the section of Main Street that will be closed will be marked with “No Parking/Tow-away” signs and any vehicles in violation of the prohibition will be subject to citation and/or towing.

Alameda police also warns that fireworks of any kind are illegal within the city limits of Alameda, and laws relating to public intoxication or drinking in public will be strictly enforced.

1 comment to Main Street West of Ferry Terminal Closed on July 4th

  • DHL

    What a shame that our city leadership & management don’t have the vision to convert that traffic & visitors to our island for our wonderful national holiday into something positive for residents and our businesses. Clearly there are more people who want to see fireworks than there are great places to view fireworks. Why not find a creative way to provide for safe/organized access & egress to/from Alameda for off-islanders and make fireworks watching a promoted event with ancillary activities provided by the city and our small businesses?

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