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Metropolitan Transportation Commission Awards Alameda $200,000 for Alameda Point Planning

The City of Alameda announced yesterday that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has awarded $200,000 to the City to plan a waterfront town center at Alameda Point.

According to the City of Alameda, the Waterfront Town Center, along the waterfront at the Seaplane Lagoon at the former Naval Air Station Alameda, would be the hub of Alameda Point with a mix of residential, open space, and commercial uses.

The detailed plan created with the money is to contain detailed land use, design, transportation, infrastructure and financing information, including design guidelines and a form-based code. The City already has rezoning work for Alameda Point underway.

The City of Alameda provided no details on when development of the plan would begin, and when the final product would be issued.

1 comment to Metropolitan Transportation Commission Awards Alameda $200,000 for Alameda Point Planning

  • cg

    Isn’t it amazing how much endless money is available to Bay Area cities thru MTC/ABAG? Isn’t there some way to relabel Alameda’s General Fund so as to tap into it? There’s always more money for new projects but never any to repair the old ones. I wonder if, despite bankruptcy, MTC is still funding bike lanes in Stockton.

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