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City of Alameda’s Budget Deficit drops from $5 Million to $700,000

By Erica Madison

After major cuts and loss of redevelopment money, Alameda finally presented its residents with good news; a balanced budget.

At Alameda’s special City Council meeting on June 26, City staff presented the Council with a budget, which saved $4.4 million for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

In order to reduce the deficit, department wide cuts were made.

Here’s the breakdown:

PERS, Alameda City’s pension plan for public service employees was renegotiated. Employees are now required to put more into their pension plan in order for Alameda to meet the federal requirements of the pension plan.

The Alameda Police department took one of the biggest hits, with a $1.1 million decrease in their operating budget. This decrease came in the form of eight jailer and three office positions cut.

The Fire department will have to go grant shopping if they want to buy new equipment for their water rescue program or for training sessions. Although no additional cuts were made in personnel, this department won’t receive any additional funding for equipment.

The city manager praised Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi for finding solutions to this problem. Firefighters won’t receive a salary increase and $500,000 of overtime pay was cut from 2011 and has contributed towards reducing the deficit.

On a positive note, no more hours have been cut from Alameda Libraries, but the city manager still managed to cut their budget. The operating budget for books, manuals, and other supplies was reduced by $68,000.

City hall cut $500,000 from their budget by reorganizing departments and giving their staff double responsibilities.

After all of these cuts were made, Alameda still needed an additional $1 million, which came as a one-time payment advance from the Alameda Municipal Power. The funds cover taxes AMP must pay to Alameda City in future years.

The budget passed with Councilmember deHaan being the only dissenting vote.

8 comments to City of Alameda’s Budget Deficit drops from $5 Million to $700,000

  • DHL

    How does one cut $500,000 of overtime costs from a prior year of worker hours and earnings?

  • Deanna Duggens

    Very disappointed on how everyone is sold on the slickness of Bonta. He has no support from actual working people, but is supported by folks who like his parents for their work but not his work. He has a circle of friends that keep secrets especially about his anti-labor actions by him and his wife and also his children being pulled out of school for bullying another child.

    This must stop. You cannot represent us in Alameda if you only came to our city to run for office thinking we are easily sold on your appearance. We have more substance. He is a city attorney. Do you know that city attorney’s represent management not the people.

    John Russo was a city attorney for Oakland, he didn’t represent the people of Oakland and now we also have him in Alameda. Let’s not be lied to anymore about Bonta’s accomplishments, he hasn’t any. He made a mess of our hospital by “waffling”, tried to get us all to pay more sales tax dollars because he didn’t know how else to balance a budget and then tried to claim he got our schools millions when all he did was volunteer like the rest of us did. He is not a man to be trusted because he isn’t about the work. He is about the prestige and he even admits that.

  • Gregg de Haan

    A budget is hardly balanced when you take a cash advance from APT. That is not a balacned budget.. That is an unbalanced budget with a loan debt.

  • Barbara

    Good comments.
    Yes, we have a problem with our current, elected City Council (GilTamBo). The tactics they use are deceptive, but public is buying it. Only through education and continuous efforts to expose “empty suits”, we can change the situation. Alameda is worth this effort. Never give up!!!

  • James

    Disappointed with Deanna’s comments above. It is the policy of the Bonta campaign to not comment on the content of blogs posted by individuals whose only intent is obviously to incite. However, attacks or insinuations against a candidate’s wife and children are inappropriate and have no place in this campaign, or any other. Readers with questions or concerns that will help in their decisions on which candidate to support can and should contact the Bonta campaign. Thank you.

  • So James/Jay,

    What about the alleged anti-labor actions on behalf of your candidate? What do you think Deanna is referring to there?


  • Barbara

    From Bonta’s web:

    “As a member of the Assembly, I will continue this bold action to force the state to fully fund what its Constitution says is a fundamental right of children.

    As your Assemblymember I will fight for full funding of public schools and demand small businesses get their own special treatment from government. As for the big corporations, if they aren’t creating jobs then their tax breaks come to an end.”

    BONTA IS TAX LOVER. More taxes is the ONLY solution for him, taxes, taxes, taxes…and more taxes…
    How many jobs has he created? Empty words are free…

    So far his record and policies are: destruction of the hospital in Alameda, deficit in Alameda, and more taxes for failing schools…

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