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Fourth of July Mostly Uneventful for Alameda Police

Today, Alameda Police were thanking the public for a mostly uneventful Fourth of July celebration. Police credit the closure of Main Street west of the ferry terminal for helping to keep vehicular traffic and potentially troublesome activities to a minimum.

In past years, Fourth of July celebrants have congregated at the estuary along Main Street to grill, drink alcohol and set off fireworks or watch displays sponsored by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.

Police did report one arrest on Webster Street during the parade, however. A 47 year-old woman was arrested for public intoxication at around 12:30 p.m. after she ran through the parade and started pulling decorations from floats.

And Alameda Police officers assigned to marine patrol duties on jet skis pulled a man from the estuary near the Encinal Yacht Club at around 4:00 p.m. when they found him clinging to the boom of his capsized 15′ sailboat.

After failed attempts to right the sailboat and to pull the man from the water with a safety boat from the yacht club, officers pulled the man onto one of the jet skis and took him to shore. The sailboat was marked with a buoy to identify it as a hazard and for potential recovery.

The rescued man was not injured and did not require medical attention.

Police say that yesterday they responded to 362 calls for service, of which 111 were fireworks-related calls. There were 100 calls between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. – prime-time for illegal fireworks – compared to 185 calls in a 24-hour period on an average day.

2 comments to Fourth of July Mostly Uneventful for Alameda Police

  • DHL

    okay, so that’s way cool that the APD had their water craft out working it. I’m guessing that the reason they had to close The Point is that they are too understafed to handle the spike in calls and events between 8p and 11p if the point were left open as usual. What a shame.

  • cg

    The Point was open. Everyone-including me-was at the Seaplane Lagoon for a reasonably good view of the fireworks bracketing the Bay Bridge. APD was there, looking on. It was orderly, & people enjoyed it.