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Alameda Hospital Releases Employee Salary Data

Responding to public records requests, Alameda Hospital has released employee salary data. The hospital is governed by the Alameda Health Care District which collects roughly $6 million per year from Alameda taxpayers via a $298 per parcel tax.

The data shows that of just over 600 employees, 93 have base salaries above $100,000 per year. Chief Executive Officer Deborah Stebbins base salary, before bonuses and other benefits, is $293,550. And a dishwasher apparently makes $50,000 per year, just above the median base salary for all employees of roughly $45,000 per year.

The dataset is available online here.

1 comment to Alameda Hospital Releases Employee Salary Data

  • Barbara

    600 employees?
    How may patients?
    I wonder…
    I do not like our Alameda Hospital, one time my son injured his leg, had to wait 6 hours on Friday, came home without seeing a doctor, and I received bill for an administrative cost.
    I had Kaiser Insurance and still had to pay…
    I am staying away from Alameda Hospital, ineffective and expensive.

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