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Alameda Fire Chief to Get New SUV

Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi will get a new $36,000 sport utility vehicle (SUV) as a command car if Alameda City Council approves a staff recommendation next Tuesday night. The fire department also wants to replace a 2003 fire engine, a 1995 aerial ladder truck and a 2005 paramedic van.

Under the least expensive financing plan, purchase of the engine, truck and paramedic van would cost a total $2.7 million, including interest, over 15 years.

The city would spend $69,000 from the equipment replacement fund to pay for the chief’s SUV and a $33,000 pick-up truck to use as a tow vehicle for a rescue boat.

The SUV would replace a Ford Crown Victoria command car, which would be surplused, and the other vehicles that are replaced would move to the reserve fleet, allowing existing reserve vehicles to be surplused as well.

Last week, the Alameda Fire Department took delivery of a new tractor-drawn aerial ladder truck that requires a “tiller operator” to steer the back of the vehicle.

On June 5th, Alameda voters rejected a local sales tax increase measure that was promoted by the City of Alameda and proponents as necessary to provide funding for replacement public safety vehicles.

New Alameda aerial ladder truck with tiller operator provision in rear of vehicle.

13 comments to Alameda Fire Chief to Get New SUV

  • Barbara

    Speechless…. I just do not know if I should cry or hysterically laugh…

  • Marie

    Go ahead laugh now. Nobody will be laughing later.

  • Barb

    An SUV while the Council overrides Measure A in the name of reducing vehicle emissions? I would suggest a SMARTCAR instead, to go with the BOY TOY cute but useless image; and Safeway Home Delivery service for daily shopping trips.

  • Barbara

    Good points…
    What a mess…

  • Marie

    No kidding Barb. I see them at Safeway too and try not to calculate the price per hour.

  • Karen

    I’m so sick of this… When will it stop???

  • cg

    BTW, Fire Station #5 currently houses 2 fire trucks, #35 & #53; and an ambulance. I just saw them in there, door open, Friday 5 pm. It’s not just offices.

  • Pat Berton

    One is a reserve engine & the other is used during recruit training. The ambulance that is there that’s blue in color is the fire investigation unit that was converted from an out of service ambulance.

  • Pat Berton

    I also was informed that the BLS ambulance personnel will be assigned to the offices on the corner of the building that is also the training officers office & the office space for the part time civilian employee in the position of disaster Prepardness.

  • Pat Berton

    The actual closed fire station had all the phone lines disconnected, computer system disconnected, and the fire department radio dispatching system removed.

  • Pat Berton

    Apparently the APD also has a portion of building 6 storing the DARE vehicle, command RV. Public Works also has a portion of building 6 housing equipment & materials

  • Pat – at a recent city council meeting, the public works director, when explaining proposed contracts to service the building housing Fire Station No. 5, explained that AFD uses the building for administrative offices, whatever that means, and regardless of telephone lines or radios.

  • Susie

    I can understand replacing the 1995 fire truck but why does the fire chief need a new SUV? That’s a huge waste of money. As far as I know, it’s only used to get the fire chief to locations where there has been an emergency. Seems to me the current vehicle can do this just fine. I’d rather have money spent on replacing/upgrading actual emergency response vehicles.

  • ALAMEDA FIRE: Live fire training at AFD Training Center (Alameda Point) today, 9 am - 12 pm, and tomorrow, 9 am - 4… ,
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